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Our Mission

ISMS MISSION: To provide opportunities to increase growth and learning for every student.

Our vision is to become a nationally recognized exemplary middle school by implementing developmentally appropriate educational experiences to assist students in reaching their potential.

Educational programs and services are provided for all students. Ninety-six percent of the student population is registered as Caucasian with only four percent of the total number being of minority ethnic background. Special needs students with Individualized Education Plans, which include special education and gifted/talented students, make up less then ten percent of the Indian Springs Middle School population.

The number of students qualifying for Free/Reduced Lunch and/or Books is recorded at 33-percent. Students participating in this program can make an application during their eighth grade year to the 21st Century Scholars Program. By signing a statement agreeing to stay off of drugs and out of trouble during their secondary education, they can receive college tuition after graduation.

One principal, one assistant principal, thirty-nine licensed teachers, two licensed counselors, a licensed nurse, and thirty-two classified staff complete the employee makeup at Indian Springs. Educational levels of the teaching staff range from baccalaureate degrees to administrative licensure. The gender make-up is recorded as twenty-two females and seventeen males all classified Caucasian. Certified teachers are bound by a master contract between Whitley County Classroom Teachers and Whitley County Consolidated Schools. About 60-percent of the certified teachers at Indian Springs are members of the NEA-ISTA-WCTA association. There is no bargaining unit for classified staff.

Federal, State and Local laws, standards and policies, regulate Indian Springs Middle School. OSHA, State Health Codes and the WCCS Safety Plan mandate special safety regulations.

Safety is assured for all staff and students in a variety of ways. Following the school corporation plan, the doors are locked during the school day with the front entrance available to those who identify themselves. Doors are numbered in the event that rescue efforts or medical safety reasons should be necessary. A code for an all-school lockdown will be signaled through the use of the public address system should an intruder be identified. All visitors are required to check in at the front desk and wear a visitor badge. A sophisticated fire alarm and sprinkling system is connected to the local fire department and drills for evacuation are held with all students each month. Drills are also held to address procedures should a tornado warning be issued. All areas of the school are designed for use by anyone with disabilities. A special area in the eight grade wing is modified for the multi-categorically disabled student population. Ramps are located for entering and exiting the school and an elevator will transport people to the second level of the main gym.

Food services and maintenance operate in state of the art facilities. Lunches are served daily in the Carver Center, a cafeteria/auditorium combination. Eleven cooks staff the kitchen on a full or part-time basis. Offerings include hot lunches, a full salad bar, Ale Carte choices and vending machines. Students and staff use lunch cards that are scanned through an account holding their money. Money can be deposited at any time.

The gender breakdown for maintenance workers work in three shifts in eight females and six males. They operate computer regulated heating and cooling systems, clean and maintain the entire school, set up and tear down for presentations and programs and athletic events, lock and unlock doors, mow, trim and spray outside ground areas, along with many other jobs required to keep a school in working order. Regulatory guidelines for maintenance and safety come from OSHA and the State of Indiana.

Indian Springs is a state of the art school and features a total of 510 computers. Three out of four core classrooms have one teacher and eleven student computers. The fourth core classroom has one teacher and two student computers. The media center also offers two 20+ station computer lab. The remainder of the computers is assigned to teacher offices, maintenance and food services, wing offices, family skills, art, health and technology education rooms. Daily announcements are recorded in a television studio and transmitted over the television sets placed throughout the school. Students produce the program in conjunction with the Technology Education department. Scrolling announcements are transmitted through a character-generated program via the media retrieval system monitors placed in all areas.

Indiana State Standards set the requirements so that teams can align curriculum with instruction to meet the proficiencies in all subject areas. Working across team and grade level, implementation of materials ensures relevancy of integration in curriculum without overlap.

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